Celebrating moments of stillness with unique functional pottery pieces, hand-crafted in small batches.


ZEME ceramics is an homage to the beauty and wonder of working with materials and elements that our mother Earth provides. Each ceramic piece is hand-crafted and unique, with a character of its own. The ancient craft of pottery is an act of grounding and presence. It's a beautiful dance between the earthly energies and the spark of creativity that comes alive through the hands of the artist. ZEME ceramics is a quiet rebellion against the modern, fast-paced and chaotic way of life where one is always pressured to achieve, produce and consume more. Here we embrace a moment of stillness and light & allow ourselves to be a human-being rather than a human-doing. Welcome to our little revolution of tenderness and care.

The incense holder I received is gorgeous, you can see it's made with so much love. Vendor is super friendly and replied to my queries very quickly, package arrived quickly as well in a lovely box. Definitely recommended if you are looking for something handmade and unique!


Love it! Beautiful handmade piece, great design and high quality. Just what I wanted for my living room interior. Super fast delivery and very nice communication from the seller. And also the package was very thoughtful.


Perfect! High quality, very well made! The incense stick fits perfectly, I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you for making quality products.


I wanted to take some energy out of my day to write and tell you that I am stunned by your work. I opened the box today, and I both gasped and clutched these mugs like they were my precious babies. I collect a fair amount of ceramics, but I just have to tell you - your pieces are very special.



ZEME is a small ceramics brand based in the charming city of Riga, Latvia. All pieces are unique and handmade in small batches by Kitija - the creator & visionary behind ZEME ceramics. Becoming a ceramist has been a dream of hers since early childhood when she first encountered the magic of working with clay at a summer camp for arts. Safe to say it was love at first touch. Over the years she took ceramics classes here and there but mostly has been following the spark of curiosity and learning, and exploring the world of ceramics by herself. 'I feel like learning ceramics is a blissful and never-ending voyage. There's always more to try out, to experiment with and to learn about. This is one of the characteristics of ceramics I find the most enchanting. It's a constant journey of discovery.'